How to Hide/Delete Author Name from Blogger Posts

If you are looking for How to Hide or Delete Author Name from Blogger Posts, now you are at the right place.
TechWithCode comes up with the solution to your problem. It is very easy to remove or Hide or Delete Author Name from Blogger Posts.
In case you don't know what is author name and where it appears in your blogger post, Let me tell you.

Where the author's name appears in your blogger blog post.

when you publish your post, there always appear the blog post writer name Even if you are using any blogger theme to your Blogspot blog as in the following image. the following image is showing the content writer name "Deepak Yadav" and Date of post-publication.

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When you should Hide Author Name from Blogger Posts

There are some point which I think be the reason to Hide/Delete Author Name from Blogger Posts
The first one is the Securit Reson: Maybe you do not want to show your name to your reader for security reasons, you do not want to reveal your name to the audience. you want to protect your privacy which is a very good thing.

 How to Hide/Delete Author Name from Blogger Posts

To hide author names from your Blogger posts, just follow the steps below correctly:

1. First of all, go to Blogger and select your blog
2. click on Template from the sidebar 
3. Click on Edit HTML.
4. press Ctrl+F and search for Bellow code
5. Once you find it, simply remove it.
6. You will have this code more than one time in your blogger template so simply delete it         from everywhere.
7. Save your blogger template and now you will never see any author name in your Blogger     posts.

After Doing al the step successfully then Refrace your Blog. After Referaceing you see that that name of the Author was gone, it is not there.

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Final Words:- In this article, I will teach you how to Hide/Delete/Remove Author Name from Blogger Posts.Thank you so much for reading this.

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