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The team of TechWithCode.com is sharing programs on various topics of C Programming. Our aim is to make you the perfect coder, So we have some C programming questions that you may have either faced during interviews or in-class assignments.

We suggest you to solve these questions on your own and send your code and output to us.
Our team will publish your code to our website and Give you the credit [Like solved by Your Name].

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 If you don’t find what you are looking for then please comment down below so that we can add it into the collection of C programs. Happy Coding!!

Simple C Programs

1. Hello World Program in C  [Solution]
2. C program to check whether the given number is positive or negative  [Solution]
3. Reverse an input number using recursion
4. Program to find the greatest of three numbers
5. C Program to print Fibonacci series in a given range
6. C Program to find factorial of a given number
7. Find Prime numbers in a given range
8. C Program to check if a given number is Armstrong or not
9. C Program to check if a given number is palindrome or not
10. C program to display palindrome numbers in a given range
11. C Program to check if a number is odd or even
12. C Program to find out the ASCII value of a character
13. C Program to find the size of int, float, double and char
14. C Program to check whether an alphabet is a vowel or consonant
15. C Program to check leap year
16. C Program to find sum of first n natural numbers

Array Programs

1. Program to sort array in ascending order
2. Find largest element of given array
3. C program to find sum of array elements
4. C Program to find number of elements in an array
5. separate positive and negative numbers in array in c

String Programs

1. Program to convert a string from upper case to lower case
2. Program to convert a string from lower case to upper case
3. Sort a set of strings in ascending alphabetical order
4. Find length of a string without using strlen()
5. String concatenation without using strcat
6. Reverse a String using recursion
7. c program to reverse a string

Programs on calculation

1. Find the value of nPr for given value of n & r
2. Find the value of nCr for given value of n & r
3. C Program to multiply two floating numbers
4. C Program to find out Quotient and Remainder
5. C Program to find average of two numbers

C Pointer programs

1. C program to find the largest of three numbers using Pointers
2. C program to count vowels and consonants in a String using pointer
3. C program to print String using Pointer
4. C program to swap two numbers using pointers
5. C program to create initialize and access a pointer variable

Number system conversion programs

1. Binary to decimal conversion
2. C Program to convert Decimal to Binary
3. C Program to convert Decimal to Octal
4. C Program to convert Octal to Decimal
5. C Program to convert Binary to Octal
6. C Program to convert Octal to Binary

Programs to find out areas of Geometric figures

1. C program to find area and circumference of circle
2. C program to find the area of an equilateral triangle

Sorting programs

1. Bubble sort program in C
2. Insertion sort program in C
3. Selection sort program in C
4. Quicksort program in C


Swapping values using third variable
Swapping values without using the third variable

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