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Today we will know everything about type conversion or typecasting in java. typeCasting is very important when you are deaing with different type of lets begin

What is type casting or type conversion?

Type Casting is the process of converting one data type to another data type.

There are two types of type-conversion

  1. Implicit conversion
  2. Explicit conversion

1.Implicit Conversion:-

This is performed by the compiler itself

whenever we perform some calculations on more than one type of data simultaneously, the compiler converts all the datatype to the largest datatype.

for example
Implicit and Explicit type conversion in java  typecasting in java  Tech With Code

2.Explicit Conversion:-

Conversion table for all type of data:-

You might be thinking that which data type can be converted into which datatype. so here is the table which help you out to understand this.

Final Word:-

In this article, We have shown you about the "Implicit and Explicit type conversion in java".We hope you like it

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