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Calculate the volume of a CUBE,CUBOID, CYLINDER, SPHERE ,CONE using C++:-

 Today I will explain to you that how to write a c program that calculates the volume of any shapes like CUBE, CUBOID, CYLINDER, SPHERE, CONE. In order to doing this we will use the concept of Class and Onjectsin c++ as well as user-defined Methods or Functions.

Knowledge required to understand the C++ program of Calculating the volume of a CUBE, CUBOID, CYLINDER, SPHERE, CONE:-

To understand the code of volume calculation in C, you must have knowledge about basic mathematics formulas and the Switch Case of C++ programming, Class and Objects, Functions.


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Let's come to our main topic, So here is the Source code of C++ program to calculate the volume of CUBE, CUBOID, CYLINDER, SPHERE, CONE

Source Code of  Calculating the volume of a CUBE, CUBOID, CYLINDER, SPHERE, CONE:-

using namespace std;
class Volume
 float V;
 void cube()
  float a;
  cout<<"Enter value of side"<<endl;
 void cuboid()
  float l,b,h;
  cout<<"Enter length,breadth & hight of cuboid"<<endl;
 void cylender()
  float r,h;
  cout<<"Enter radius & hight of cylender"<<endl;
 void sphere()
  float r;
  cout<<"Enter radius of sphere"<<endl;
 void cone()
  float r,h;
  cout<<"Enter radius & hight of cone"<<endl;
 void display()
  cout<<"Volume is = "<<V<<endl;
int main()
  int ch,q;
  Volume ob;
  cout<<"Select the shape for calculate volume"<<endl<<endl;
  cout<<"Press 1 for select CUBE"<<endl;
  cout<<"Press 2 for select CUBOID"<<endl;
  cout<<"Press 3 for select CYLINDER"<<endl;
  cout<<"Press 4 for select SPHERE"<<endl;
  cout<<"Press 5 for select CONE"<<endl<<endl;
         case 1: ob.cube();break;
         case 2: ob.cuboid();break;
         case 3: ob.cylender();break;
         case 4: ob.sphere();break;
         case 5: ob.cone();break;
         default: cout<<"Wrong input";
  if(ch>=1 && ch<=5)
  cout<<"press any key to countinue... / press 0 to EXIT"<<endl<<endl;
   return 0;

Output of above code:-

Explanation of above code:-
                                                 In this Code, I have use the Switch case, function, class, object and many concepts of c++ programming. First, I ask to select the option from the user that the volume of which shapes the user wants to calculate then I pass the user choice in the switch case and call the appropriate function. that functions return the calculated value of volume in the main function after that I pass that value in the Display function.

I put all my code in a while loop which is always true so it will repeatedly be asking for calculations the volume one after other.
To stop the program you have to enter ZERO ("0").

Thanks You..@author Deepak Kumar.

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Final Word:-

In this article, We have explained to you how to write a C program that will calculate the volume of any shapes. We hope you like it

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