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 Machine Learning Tutorial

From Today We are starting A complete Machine Learning Course From Scratch. In this course, we will be covering all the concepts from basic to advance so anybody who has some basic knowledge bout programming can learn.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a form of Artificial intelligence that automates the System to learn and improve itself from the experience without explicitly programmed. It helps the computer program to access the data and use the data for themselves.

Key Feature of Machine learning:-

  • These days devices are getting better by using machine learning on themself.
  • The device is able to take better decision with the help of ML
  • Backend data costs are decreased due to machine learning. We can store more data in less amount of money.
  • The cost of Computation also Decreased with the help of machine learning.

Example of  Machine Learning:-

  1. Amazon Go:- Amazon Go is a big initiative feorm Amazon where people will go to store and take whatever they want and leave the shop. It is possible by Deep Leaning and Imae processing.
  2. Seeing AI:- This is an Application developed by Microsoft which helps Blind people in their life. This app will recognize the objects in front of blind people by CAMERA of their mobile phone and tell the info about abject in their ear in Realtime.

Terminology in machine Learning:-

In order to Learning Machine Learning, these are the terminology which you should know the meaning of that.
  1. DataScience:- It is a field of bringing insights from the data using scientific techniques. Basically, it analyzes the Data and put off the meaningful/required information from the data.
  2. Management Information System(MIS):- It refers to What happened to an Organisation in the past. It is usually a report that tells about the organization.
  3. Detective Analysis:- When you ask a question on the basis of data presented in MIS like Why production is low, then it is called Detective Analysis.
  4. Dashboarding/Business Intelligence:- It tells about what is happening in the company in realtime
  5. Predictive Modeling:- As name Suggest, this will predict what will happen in the future by looking at the previous data. It works on the verity of Inputs, not just a number. Eg: Who are the Customer who are likely to buy a Product in the next 6 months.
  6. BigData:- It refers to What can happen. It uses a huge amount of data to reveal the pattern or trends related to Human behavior.
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Final Word:-

In this article, We have introduced you about Machine Learning and explained some keypoints, terminology, examples. We hope you like it

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