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Today i am sharing some examples of Real-world applications which can be considered as Embedded, Native and Web.

In order to know about the example we should know little about what are Embedded, Native and Web application first.

What is an Embedded Application?

An embedded application is software that is placed permanently inside some kind of device to perform a very specific set of functions.

Example of Embedded Application:

  • The calculator is one of the examples of embedded systems.
  • Actually, it is one of the very earlier embedded systems that is used widely.
  • In this example, the function is to take input from the keypad, perform the required operation and show the results on LCD.
  • Embedded Scientific Calculator has a high-performance processor.
  • A number of mathematical complex calculations can be performed by these calculators.
  • In the calculator, there is a program which is written in the machine language which takes the input from the keyboard and from the operation and shows the result

2.Industrial Robot

  • There are many type of industrial robot because there are many type of work in the industry.
  • Each robot is having a set of program according to their work.After the installation of the program thease robot are reddy to perform the task as per the programm installed.
  • These robots work  very fast as compare to the human being so they are very efficient and profitable in the industry

What is a Native Application?

A native app, or native application, is a software application built in a specific programming language, for the specific device platform, either iOS or Android. Native iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective-C and native Android apps are written in Java. They can take full advantage of all the device features like Mic, camera, proximity sensor, GPS, contacts, and so on

Examples of Native Application:


  • It is one example of a Native app which is designed for a specific platform like Android or IOS Devices
  • these all are stored in a specific store from where it can be downloaded into the smartphone like Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore

2. Uber Eats

  • It is also an example that satisfies the above definition of the native application.
  • It accesses the location, contact, message, camera, storage, Telephone

What is a Web Application?

A web application is an application software that runs on a web server. Web applications are accessed by the user through a web browser with an active internet connection. It does not require to store their file in the local system

Example of Web Application:

1. Flipkart, Amazon:-

It is a good example of web application

In order to use this, we do not require to store there a program/executable file in our local system.

we can use in our web browser with an active internet connection

2. Goggle:

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

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Final Word:-

In this article, We have explained to you how to write a C program that will calculate the volume of any shapes. We hope you like it

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