Cloud Computing Quiz part-1 | Tech with code

Today TechWithCode Comes with some question answer on Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Quiz part-1 | Tech with code

1. Which of the following is related to the service provided by Cloud?

  1. Sourcing
  2. Ownership
  3. Tenancy
  4. Reliability

Answer:-  Sourcing


2. A hybrid cloud combines multiple clouds where those clouds retain their unique      identities but are bound together as a unit.

    1. Public
    2. Private
    3. Community
    4. Hybrid


Answer:- Hybrid

3. _______ is a complete operating environment with applications, management,          and user interface

    1. IaaS
    2. SaaS
    3. PaaS
    4. NaaS

Answer:- SaaS

4. Which of the following is a specified parameter of SLA?

    1. Response times
    2. Responsibilities for each parties
    3. both
    4. accountability

Answer:- both


5. Cloud Cube model has a dimension as 

    1. ownership level of Network
    2. Security level of Data
    3. Security level of Network
    4. Ownership of Data


6. Google App Engine works as 

    1. Application
    2. Search engine
    3. SaaS
    4. PaaS



7. AWS has Storage service offering as 

  1. EC2
  2. S3
  3. AWStore
  4. AWDB



8. Microsoft Azure has database service offerings as

  1. NoSQL
  2. Hadoop
  3. SQL
  4. All of these



9. Which of the following is the most important area of concern in cloud computing?

  1. On-Demand Resource offering
  2. Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Elasticity

Answer:- Security


10. Cloud Broker is responsible for 

    1. Communication among roles in NIST Architecture
    2. Regulating Service QoSs
    3. Solution Binding
    4. Match making



11. Cloud Auditor can collect 

    1. consumer feedback
    2. monitoring data from browser
    3. both
    4. Only provider's offering information



12. When you add a software stack, such as an operating system and applications          to  the service, the model is 

    1. PaaS
    2. IaaS
    3. SaaS
    4. NaaS

Answer:- SaaS


13. ---- is a pay-as-you-go model matches resources to need on an ongoing basis. 

    1. Utility
    2. Elasticity
    3. Low barrier to entry
    4. Scalability

Answer:- Utility


14. __________ cloud is organized to serve a common function or purpose.

    1. Hybrid
    2. Public
    3. Private
    4. Community

Answer:- Community

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