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Flex/Lex program to detect white-space, tab, single-line comments, multiple line comments, and Remove it:

                                                                                                    Today I will show you how to write a Lex/Flex program that detects white-space, tab, single-line comments, multiple line comments, and after that remove all of these and print that as an output.

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//this is first single line  comment
//this is second single line  comment


No. of spaces=8
No. of tabs=1
No. of Single Line Comments=2

No. of Multiple Line Comments=1

After Removal:-




Source Code of Flex program:-

int slc=0, sc=0, tc=0, flag =0, mlc=0;

" " {sc++;} //space counter 
\t {tc++;} //tab counter 
"//".*\n {slc++;} //single line comment
"/*"[^*/]*"*/" {mlc++;} // multiple line comment

int yywrap(){return 1;}


printf("After Execution:-\n\n");
printf("\n\nIn the Input File,");
printf("\nNo. of spaces=%d",sc); 
printf("\nNo. of tabs=%d",tc); 
printf("\nNo. of Single Line Comments=%d",slc); 
printf("\nNo. of Multiple Line Comments=%d",mlc);


OutPut of Flex Program:-

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Final Word:-

In this article, We have explained to you how to write a Flex/Lex program to detect white-space, tab, single-line comments, multiple line comments, and Remove it. We hope you like it

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