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This Exchange digits Problem had been asked in the TCS CodeVita examination in 2019. Today i will give you the solution of Exchange digits TCS CodeVita Problem.

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Problem Description Of Exchange Digit:-

Compute the nearest larger number by interchanging its digits updated.Given 2 numbers a and b find the smallest number greater than b by interchanging the digits of a and if not possible print -1.

Input Format

2 numbers a and b, separated by space.

Output Format

A single number greater than b.

If not possible, print -1


1 <= a,b <= 10000000

Example 1:

Sample Input:

    459 500

Sample Output:


Example 2:

Sample Input:

    645757 457765

Sample Output:


 NOTE:- Before viewing the solution try to solve it on your own

Solution of Exchange Digits:-

# www.TechWithCode.com

from itertools import permutations

num1 = int(input('Enter the 1st number :'))

num2 = int(input('Enter the 2nd number :'))

flag = 0

num1 = list(str(num1))

num1 = sorted(num1)

perm = permutations(num1)

for i in list(perm): 

    #initialize an string

    string = " "

    #iterate through an string

    for j in i:



    if int(string) > num2:

        #if True Change the flag variable 

        #break the loop

        flag = 1


#check if the number is found or not

if flag == 1:




Output of Exchange digits problem:-

[Solved] Exchange digits TCS CodeVita Problem with solution | Tech With Code

Final Word:-

In this article, We have explained to you the Exchange digits TCS CodeVita Problem with a solution. We hope you like it

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