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 3D Internet Seminar with PPT Report

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Today I will give you a Seminar on 3D Internet with PPT file for free Download. I will also give a topic wise full detailed report on 3D internet.

Introduction on 3D Internet

3D internet, also known as virtual worlds, brings a controlled new way in reaching the consumers, business customers and co-workers, partners and also the students.
 3D internet is the upcoming generation of the 
Present 2D web.
 It is actually a much better alternative way of 
organizing data that everybody knows and uses.
 Replicates real life.


 3D internet is a set of interconnected virtual worlds that users can visit to consume services, teleporting from one world to another.
 3D internet is a powerful combination of two forces:-
 3D graphics
 The result: interactive, real-time 3D graphics                   
    delivered over the web.
 It is an Active Medium for interaction.


  3D internet is the future of the internet because:
Interesting 3D shopping.
 Easy social interactions.
To represent interior designs effectively.
 Gaming made more interesting.
 Distance learning makes a joyous experience.


 WEB 1.0 : A small number of writers created 
web pages for a large number of readers. For example: 
Adobe.com for  graphic design issues,Microsoft.com for 
windows issues.
 WEB 2.0 : Companies built platforms 
 that let people publish content for other
 people using best graphical user interfaces. 
   For example: Flickr, Youtube, MySpace.
 WEB 3.0 : With web 3.0 applications we
 will see the data being integrated and 
 applied into innovative ways that were
 never possible before . A major leap here 
 is the introduction of 3D internet. 

Architecture Simplified:

World Servers:

  • User or server created static/dynamic content to create the 3d environment
  • Coordinating and initiating communication among the coexisting users .
  • Various other services can also include email,instant messaging along with it.

Avatar/ID Servers:

  • Virtual identity management systems containing identity and avatar information of registered users
  • Information shared with individual world servers and necessary client programs.
  • Servers maintain privacy and security of shared information.
  • Can be a part of World Servers.

Universe Location Servers:

  • Virtual location management systems similar to and including current DNS providing virtual geographical information as well as connection to the Internet .
  • Distributed directory of the world ,avatar and users.


  • Browser-like viewer programs running on users’ computers 
  •  Extensive networking, caching, and 3D rendering capabilities.

Additional components of the 3D Internet

  •  Webplaces (replacing websites) 
  • 3D object creation/editing software
  •  Emergence of new software and tools 

3d Internet: How?

Conditions to keep in mind while implementing 3d architecture:
  • Network and distributed computing
  • Security and trust
  • Latency minimization

Characteristics of 3D Internet

  • Uses 3D graphics for its servers
  • Gives its users shapes through avatars
  • Works through AI or through smart glass like 
  • Google glass or through virtual platform
  • Interactive for all different terminals(PC,Set top box, Mobile)
  • Network content and user context-aware
  • Live or real time
  • Able to transport 3D multimodal
  • Iteratively and cooperatively negotiated in communities of professionals and amateurs
  • Collaboratively edited/filtered

Applications of 3D Internet

  • In Social Interaction
  • Culture
  • In product visualization
  • In the E-commerce market
  • Virtual experiments for physical sciences
  • For entertainment purpose
  • For education purpose to make classes more interactive
  • Improvement in real estate business 
  • Replicating real life
  • Make the experience of Spiritualism much better

Obstacles to Commercial Success

  • Limited Effectiveness of traditional media techniques
  • Lack of effective way for enabling people to virtual worlds
  • An inconsistent means of enabling in-world participants

Advantages of 3D Internet

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Embassies
  • Live Sport Entertainment
  • Art

Disadvantages of 3D Internet

  • Requires high-speed internet
  • Hardware requirements are partially available
  • Lack of Virtual Experience
  • Highly Expensive, difficult modeling
  • Lack of effective ways for enabling people to real world


  • A powerful new way for you to reach consumers, business customers, coworkers, partners, and students.
  • Help in Expansion
  • Combination of TV, Web, and Social media sites
  • 3D experiences at home

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In this article, We have given to you the PPT file of the 3D Internet Seminar. We hope you like it

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