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 Blockchain Seminar with PPT Report

As you know that TechWithCode has many Programming & Technology related thing like we have 
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Blockchain ppt | Seminar on Blockchain | Detailed Report on Blockchain | Tech With Code

Today I will give you a Seminar on Blockchain with a PPT file for free Download. I will also give a topic wise full detailed report on 3D internet.


A Linked List

  • Replicated 
  • Distributed
  • Consistency maintained by Consensus
  • Asymmetric Cryptographically Linked
  • Cryptographically assured integrity of data

Used as

  • Immutable Ledger of events, transactions, or time-stamped data
  • Tampered Resistant Log
  • Platform to create and Transact in Cryptocurrency
  • Log of events/transactions unrelated to currency

Nodes in Blockchain

A blockchain exists out of blocks of data. These blocks of data are stored on nodes (compare it to small servers). Nodes can be any kind of device (mostly computers, laptops, or even bigger servers).

All nodes on a blockchain are connected to each other and they constantly exchange the latest blockchain data with each other so all nodes stay up to date. They store, spread, and preserve the blockchain data, so theoretically a blockchain exists on nodes. 

What do Nodes do?

Nodes check if a block of transactions is valid and accept or reject it.

Nodes save and store blocks of transactions (storing blockchain transaction history).

Nodes broadcast and spread this transaction history to other nodes that may need to synchronize with the blockchain (need to be updated on transaction history).

Significance of the technology


Blockchain provides transaction immutability and a distributed ledger architecture, which are key requirements for eliminating the need for an enforcer of trust in the ecosystem. 


Blockchain technology will significantly increase transparency between market participants. Blockchain implementations promote the creation of a public record of activity in the ecosystem to which all market participants have access in real-time.


Blockchain maintains an immutable record of transactions and therefore asset ownership since the time the asset first appears in a transaction on the blockchain. This significantly reduces risk and the need for associated mitigating operations for multiple asset types. 


What is a Digital Signature?

Signatures are commonly used to authenticate documents. The digital signature is simply a small block of data that is attached to documents you sign. It is generated from your digital ID, which includes both a private and public key.

Purpose of Digital Signature

  • Used For Authentication
  • It validates the signer and guarantees the receiver that the message is sent by the signer only, no one else. 


  • It is done with the help of private and public keys.
  • The private key is used for encryption and the public key is used for decryption.


A document can be authenticated with the previous method but its not confidential. 
To achieve confidentiality as well as authentication a double encryption and decryption method is used.


  • One way, can’t be reversed
  • The same input will give the same hash value
  • The output doesn’t reveal any information about the input
  • Hard to find collisions(different messages with same hash)


Private blockchain

  • Restrictive blockchain operative only in a closed network. EX- organization blockchain.

Public blockchain

  • It is non-restrictive, users can access current and past records, verify record,s and can do mining.EX- bitcoin,ethereum,litecoin.

Consortium blockchain

  • It is a semi-decentralized type where more than one organization manages a blockchain network.ex-banks.

Hybrid blockchain

  • Only a section of data is allowed to go public, the rest is private.ex-Dragonchain.



  • Ethereum  Is Founded on 30 July 2015 By Vitalik Buterin  Is  A Russian Canadian Programmer & Writer.
  • He Is Also Co-founder Of Bitcoin Magazine.


It Is A Global, Decentralized Platforms For Money & New Kinds Of Application. On Ethereum You Can Write Code That Controls Money. Ethereum Rank’s No.2 In World Wide After Bitcoin.   It  Is A Example Of Public Blockchain.


Ethereum  Is Basically A Blockchain  Where We Can Write Codes. If The Programming Codes Represents Any Types Of Contract Then It Will Be Called  Smart Contract.

If We Talk About   Ecommerce  Websites  Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal  Where We Can Buy Something Online. If A Website  Named ABC Where We Can Buy Something Online  Maybe We Will Not Buy From Them Because
The First Thing  Is   There Is A Trust Issue.
Secondly, It Is Not Secure.



Smart contracts allow for the terms and conditions of these contracts to be fully accessible and visible to all the relevant parties. Once the agreement has been established, there is no way to dispute it.


One of the main requirements of smart contracts is the need to record all the terms and conditions in precise details. The element is necessary since an omission can result in transaction errors. So, automated contracts try to avoid the pitfalls that are associated with manually filling out heaps of forms.


Smart contracts employ the highest level of data encryption that is currently available, the same as what is used by cryptocurrencies. By doing this, their level of protection is among the best and the most secure on the world wide web.


Smart contracts live on the internet and run on software code. As a result, they can execute transactions very fast. This speed can save many hours when compared to traditional business processes.


This is the byproduct of accuracy and speed. The great thing is that higher efficiencies lead to more value-generating transactions that are processed per unit of time.
The good thing about smart contacts is that they inspire absolute confidence in their execution. The secure, autonomous and transparent nature of these agreements takes away the possibility of bias, manipulation, or error.


●Blockchains  Use  Excessive  Energy.
●Not  Accepted  Everywhere Till  Now.
●Limited Supply.
●Some Cryptocurrencies  Are  Fake.
●Once You Have Done The Payment You Can’t Reverse It

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