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Today We are here with the Complete Reasoning Course For Free.
Logical Reasoning is a part of almost all major Government exams conducted in the country and is one of the most scoring sections as well.

Language Of This Course:- Hindi + English

What is Logical Reasoning?

Logical reasoning consists of aptitude questions that require a logical level of analysis to get the correct solution.

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Logical reasoning is of two types:

Verbal Reasoning:

                                  It is the ability to logically understand the concepts and solve problems expressed in words. It tests the ability of extraction of information and implications in a sentence.

Non-verbal Reasoning: 

                                        It is the ability to logically understand the concepts and solve problems expressed in numbers/letters/figures in combination with words. It tests the ability of deduction and induction of logic of information and implications in a problem.

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How To Solve Logical Reasoning Questions

Listed below are some of the steps to solve Logical Reasoning questions and answers:

  1. Read and understand the information carefully.
  2. Analyze critical logical information.
  3. Think of all the possible solutions.
  4. Compare the answer obtained with other possibilities.
  5. Come to a correct logical conclusion.

Topics of This Reasoning Course:-

  1. Alphanumeric series
  2. Reasoning Analogies
  3. Artificial Language
  4. Blood Relations
  5. Calendars
  6. Cause and Effect
  7. Clocks
  8. Coding-Decoding
  9. Critical path
  10. Cubes and cuboids
  11. Data Sufficiency
  12. Decision Making
  13. Deductive Reasoning/Statement Analysis
  14. Dices
  15. Directions
  16. Embedded Images
  17. Figure Matrix
  18. Input-Output
  19. Mirror and Water Images
  20. Odd One Out
  21. Picture Series and Sequences
  22. Paper Folding
  23. Puzzles
  24. Pattern Series and Sequences
  25. Order & Ranking
  26. Seating Arrangements
  27. Shape Construction
  28. Statement and Assumptions
  29. Statement and Conclusions
  30. Syllogism

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Complete Reasoning Course Free 

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