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RRB NTPC Question with Answer

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This the question of RRB NTPC👇

Exam Date:- 8th January 2021

Shift:- First & Second

Qs.1: Who won the Asian Game 2020 in the 25 metre pistol event?

Ans : Rahi Sarnobat

Qs.2: Setu Bharat scheme was launched in which year?

Ans : 2016

Qs.3: What is the full form of NRHM?

Ans : National Rural Health Scheme

Qs.4: Who is the President of CII?

Ans : Uday Kotak

Qs.5: What is the full form of OPEC?

Ans : Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Qs.6: Madrid is the capital of which country?

Ans : Spain

Qs.7: Tamasha is of which state?

Ans : Maharashtra

Qs.8: 1st president of USA was?

Ans : George Washington

Qs.9: What is the full form of FIFO?

Ans : First in First out

Qs.10: Who is the current Secretary and ex-officio chairman of Indian Space Research


Ans : Kailasavadivoo Sivan

Qs.11: What is a plotter?

Ans : A plotter produces vector graphics drawings.

Qs.12: What is the full form of FORTRAN?

Ans : Formula Translation

Qs.13: What is the smallest text file?

Exam Date:   8 Jan 2021 

Exam Shift:   1st, 2nd Shift

Ans : Cookies

Qs.14: Who was the governor at the time of 1857 revolution?

Ans : Charles John Canning

Qs.15: Where is the headquarter of OPEC?

Ans : Vienna

Qs.16: What is the capital of Australia?

Ans : Canbera

Qs.17: Sagar Matha is situated in which country?

Ans : Nepal

Qs.18: What is the ratio of the Indian flag's length and breadth?

Ans : 3:2

Qs.19: When was the Surat session held?

Ans : 1907

Qs.20: What is the use of Acid and Base?

Ans : Food preservation

Qs.21: Who won T20 world cup?

Ans : India

Qs.22: Who was the first person to hoist the Indian Flag?

Ans : Bhikaiji Cama

Qs.23: 6:24::14:?

Ans : 56

Qs.24: Who is the chairman of the World bank?

Ans : Malpass David R. Malpass

Qs.25: Where is the headquarter of Interpol?

Ans : Lyon, France

Qs.26: Which is the largest lake in the world?

Ans : Caspian Sea

Source: Caspian Sea

Qs.27: Who has been appointed the chief justice of India in November 2020?

Ans : Sharad Arvind Bobde

Qs.28: Who coined world wide web?

Ans : Tim Berners-Lee

Qs.29: Who holds the second position after the President?

Ans : Vice President

Qs.30: To whom is the Khusrao Temple in Odisha dedicated to?

Ans : Hindu Sun God Surya

Qs.31: When is national day celebrated?

Ans : 28 February

Qs.32: What is the weight of normal human heart?

Ans : 354.5 gm

Qs.33: What is the cerebrum?

Ans : It is the largest front part of the human brain. It forms 66% of the human brain.

Qs.34: When was the Simon commission started?

Ans : November 1927

Qs.35: Who is the head of DRDO?

Ans : Satheesh Reddy

Qs.36: What is the PH value of soil?

Ans : 3 to 10

Qs.37: Who is the PM of Mauritius?

Ans : Pravind Jugnauth

Qs.38: Who was the Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans : Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Qs.39: Who is the father of computers?

Ans : Charles Babbage

Qs.40: Whois the father of genetics?

Ans : Gregor Mendel

Qs.41: What is the full form of COBOL?

Ans : common business-oriented language

Qs.42: When was the non-cooperation movement started?

Ans : 1 August 1920

Qs.43: Where is the high court of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans : Amaravati

Qs.44: What is the full form of BHEL?

Ans : Bharat Heavy Electronic Limited.

Qs.45: What is the full form of FTP?

Ans : File Transfer Protocol

Qs.46: Which gas is needed for Photosynthesis?

Ans : Co2

Qs.47: What are the green house gases?

Ans : Carbon dioxide, Methane, Ozone, Nitrous oxide, Chlorofluorocarbons

Qs.48: Who is the youngest goodwill ambassador?

Ans : Millie Bobby Brown

Qs.49: What was India's rank in HDI 2019?

Ans : 131

Qs.50: If RAMAN is written as 47, then what is VARUN?

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