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RRB NTPC Question with Answer

 If you are looking for RRB NTPC question with Solution then you are at the right place. From Today Onwards we will provide you the all NTPC Exam question of  all shifts.

This the question of

Exam Date:- 9th January 2021

Shift:- First & Second

Qs.1: The bottom of non-utensil is made of?

Ans : Teflon

Qs.2: Who is the author of Life of Pi?

Ans : Yann Martel

Qs.3: Name the gas with a characteristic odour of rotten eggs?

Ans : Hydrogen sulfide

Qs.4: What is the currency for Iran?

Ans : Iranian rial

Qs.5: Who led the revolt of 1857 in Meerut?

Ans : Kadam Singh Gurjar

Qs.6: What is the chemical name of vitamin b12?

Ans : Cyanocobalamin

Qs.7: Who did the first heart transplant?

Ans : Christiaan Barnard

Qs.8: What colors are affected by color blindness?

Ans : Red, green, or blue

Qs.9: Where was Gopal Krishna Gokhale born?

Ans : Kohlapur, Maharashtra

Qs.10: Who was the Chairman of the 1902 Indian Universities Commission?

Ans : Sir Thomas Raleigh

Qs.11: What is the ore of cinnabar?

Ans : Mercury

Qs.12: What is the full form of ATP?

Questions and Answers

Exam Date: 09 Jan 2021

Exam Shift: 1st, 2nd Shift

Ans : Adenosine triphosphate

Qs.13: How many number present between 100 to 1000 divisible by 7?

Qs.14: What is the capital of Nagaland?

Ans : Kohima

Qs.15: Who discovered Hydrogen?

Ans : Henry Cavendish

Qs.16: Name used in rocket engine?

Ans : Liquid hydrogen

Qs.17: Who was the first woman President of Indian National Congress?

Ans : Annie Besant

Qs.18: What disease is caused by protein deficiency?

Ans : Kwashiorkor

Qs.19: What units are present in CPU?

Ans : Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) and Control Unit (CU)

Qs.20: How many square feet means 1 acre?

Ans : 43,560 square feet

Qs.21: Which article has been removed from the constitution of India?

Ans : Article - 31

Qs.22: Which gas was leaked in Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

Ans : Methyl Isocyanate

Qs.23: Name the first country to make public transport free.

Ans : Luxembourg

Qs.24: When is World Turtle day celebrated?

Ans : 23 May

Qs.25: Who is the new Board Chairman of Twitter?

Ans : Patrick Pichette

Qs.26: What is the full form of CAB?

Ans : Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

Qs.27: When is World Organ Donation Day?

Ans : 13 August

Qs.28: Name the scientist who discovered the catalyst.

Ans : Jöns Jacob Berzelius

Qs.29: What are the chemicals used to make crackers of green flame?

Ans : Barium nitrate

Qs.30: How many crops are there under MSP?

Ans : 22

Qs.31: In 2020 who was given Padma Bhushan in sports?

Ans : Mary Kom

Qs.32: Why is the Valency of carbon?

Ans : 4

Qs.33: Who is the writer of Kabuliwala?

Ans : Rabindranath Tagore

Qs.34: Why is dust particles visible when a beam of light is passed into a dark


Ans : Tyndall effect, also called Tyndall phenomenon

Qs.35: Which city does the famous dance form Ghoomar actually belong to?

Ans : Rajasthan

Qs.36: Where was the 2019 World Cup held?

Ans : England

Qs.37: How many countries are in OPEC?

Ans : 13

Qs.38: Where is the UN headquarter located?

Ans : New York

Qs.39: Which place is printed on a 100 rupee note?

Ans : Rani ka Bagh

Qs.40: Who was the first female president of India?

Ans : Pratibha Patil

Qs.41: When was the Pulwama attack held?

Ans : 14 February 2019

Qs.42: What is the next number in the sequence - 4,12,54,306,??

Qs.43: Who is the father of blood circulation?

Ans : William Harvey

Qs.44: Daman and Diu are at which side of the river?

Ans : Daman Ganga

Qs.45: What is the full form of GAAP?

Ans : Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

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