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 RRB NTPC Question with Answer

 If you are looking for RRB NTPC question with Solution then you are at the right place. From Today Onwards we will provide you the all NTPC Exam question of  all shifts.

This the question of

Exam Date:- 9th January 2021

Shift:- First & Second

Qs.1: Where is the Ranakpur Temple?
Ans : Rajasthan
Qs.2: Who is the father of Indian Cinema?
Ans : Dadasaheb Phalke
Qs.3: Where is the Sanchi Stupa located?
Ans : Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Qs.4: What is the size of floppy?
Ans : There are 3 sizes - 8 inches which are of 100 MB, 5.25 inches are of 1.44 MB
and 3.5 inches are of 1.2 MB.
Qs.5: When did the first round table conference start?
Ans : 12 January 1930
Qs.6: Who is the CEO of Apple?
Ans : Tim Cook
Qs.7: What is the full form of SLR?
Ans : Statutory Liquidity Ratio
Qs.8: What is secreted in the Liver of humans?
Ans : Bile Juice
Qs.9: Ban-ki-Moon is related to which country?
Ans : South Korean
Qs.10: Who is the PM of Nepal?
Ans : K. P. Sharma Oli
Qs.11: Which woman won the US Open in 2020?
Ans : Naomi Osaka
Qs.12: When is computer literacy day?
Ans : 2 December
Qs.13: What is the full form of EPROM?
Ans : erasable programmable read-only memory
Qs.14: Where does the calculation on the computer take place?
Exam Date: 11 Jan 2021
Exam Shift: 1st, 2nd Shift
Ans : The arithmetic/logic unit (ALU)
Qs.15: Who is the CM of Rajasthan?
Ans : Ashok Gehlot
Qs.16: Who is the PM of Singapore?
Ans : Lee Hsien Loong
Qs.17: When was the name of the State bank changed from the Imperial bank of
Ans : July 1955
Qs.18: National Highway 2 connect which 2 places?
Ans : Delhi and Kolkata
Qs.19: Who won the Nobel Peace Prize 2020?
Ans : World Food Programme
Qs.20: What is the study of Fungi called?
Ans : mycology
Qs.21: Which garden is or the memorial of Indira Gandhi?
Ans : Tulip Garden
Qs.22: Where is Kamakhya Temple?
Ans : Assam
Qs.23: Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is located in?
Ans : Rajasthan
Qs.24: Which is the first satellite of India?
Ans : Aryabhata spacecraft
Qs.25: Who wrote Shakuntala?
Ans : Kalidasa
Qs.26: What is the full form of PPF?
Ans : Public Provident Fund
Qs.27: What is the capital of Croatia?
Ans : Zagreb
Qs.28: The rocket launcher "Pinaka" is developed by whom?
Ans : Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
Qs.29: Who discovered the cells?
Ans : Robert Hook
Qs.30: What is the full form of NGO?
Ans : Non Government Organisation
Qs.31: Kaziranga National Park is located where?
Ans : Assam
Qs.32: When was the 2nd battle of Panipat fought?
Ans : 5 Nov 1556
Qs.33: How many Ramsar sites are there in India?
Ans : 42 sites

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